This book you’re holding in your hands is a book that vividly portrays God’s divine plan to man – His most beloved creation. God created you in His image, filled you with His breath to keep you alive, gave you power and dominion over the rest of earthly creation.

Though this book contains the story of my encounters with God, and how He called me into the ministry – it primarily centers on Christ and how He often likes to use us to fulfil His purpose – no matter our social status or family background. Even the despised and rejected people are special instruments in His hands – if only they would yield themselves to Him.

God loves you and wants to help you fulfil your destiny – so I humbly ask that you take your time to go through this book and open your heart to God and let Him speak to you through it. The grace of God is true, and His word will never fail. He is coming soon and desires that He will find you ready when He comes.

Recently, NASA sighted a new earth – fulfilling [in part] the words of Jesus – proving to us that God is the designer and architect of the universe and He’s going to really create a new earth for His people to live in. The morning star – which is discussed in this book – has a lot of things to teach you about God’s beautiful creative ability and His wonderful plans for you.

Science confirms the Bible – rather than contradict it. There are many bible verses used in this book that confirms the supremacy and authority of the Bible over science. God’s new earth will only be inhabited by those who believe [and act as such] in the coming of Christ – I really do pray you’re one of us!

If He could make something beautiful and inspiring out of my life, then I need you to know that He can do much more with your life. Let Him carry you through life while you enjoy the ride!

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